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20160606_172034My boys recently celebrated their birthdays. Kyler turned 3 last May 4, while Ayne turned 9 on the 6th of June. Oh wow, it’s amazing how fast time flies by and you don’t even realize it. We celebrated their birthdays at the same location, at Zoofari Kid’s Adventure during their respective dates. It seems that Zoofari has become our “go to” restaurant to celebrate special occasions. I cannot exactly recall how many birthdays we have celebrated at Zoofari’s. The food is great and we feel very comfortable at their VIP area where the kids could play Xbox or you could sing to your heart’s delight with their Videoke (whichever you prefer). This time we opted for an intimate dinner with our families. It’s less stressful and more convenient with our budget since we still have to pay Ayne’s enrollment and school requirements for this opening. Honestly, I have a love-hate relationship with both throwing and attending birthday parties for

children. I know birthday parties are adorable but I’m sort of an introvert. You can only imagine my anxiety, I do look compose ( i try!) but inside I feel really awkward. LOL! It’s the husband who loves throwing parties; he loves the crowd, he loves entertaining guests, while I’m the exact opposite. This time I am so relieved that we opted for an intimate dinner for Kyler’s birthday. 🙂

K1  K4

On Ayne’s birthday we had lunch with my parents and my in-laws. After lunch, we headed to Villa de Mercedes for his birthday swim. My first born is really grown up na since he’s the one who planned his birthday itinerary. He really wanted to go swimming and would have loved to celebrate his birthday at the beach. Since we cannot, Villa de Mercedes was our perfect alternative. Their swimming pool (infinity pool) is designed to be beach-like with white sand and shore. The place was gorgeous too!

A1 A2

A3    13340206_10154274906379511_4719488958135748616_o

So anyway, both of my boys’ birthday celebration went out great and what mattered most is that the two of them enjoyed each of their special day. As parents, there is no greater joy on earth than seeing our kids happy. Praise God!♥♥♥ 

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