Random Momma Thoughts

Ayne & Kyler’s Birthday Celebration

20160606_172034My boys recently celebrated their birthdays. Kyler turned 3 last May 4, while Ayne turned 9 on the 6th of June. Oh wow, it’s amazing how fast time flies by and you don’t even realize it. We celebrated their birthdays at the same location, at Zoofari Kid’s Adventure during their respective dates. It seems that Zoofari has become our “go to” restaurant to celebrate special occasions. I cannot exactly recall how many birthdays we have celebrated at Zoofari’s. The food is great and we feel very comfortable at their VIP area where the kids could play Xbox or you could sing to your heart’s delight with their Videoke (whichever you prefer). This time we opted for an intimate dinner with our families. It’s less stressful and more convenient with our budget since we still have to pay Ayne’s enrollment and school requirements for this opening. Honestly, I have a love-hate relationship with both throwing and attending birthday parties for


Racing Against Time

I decided to stop by for a while to just type away my thoughts. I’m going to type away whatever my mind would tell me so please excuse my grammatical errors. I’m currently working on a WP blog; one down, another one to go. I just overhauled the design because I’ve always found the design a little dull. To tell you the truth I shouldn’t be worrying on the design, well not for now because I have a more urgent task – landing pages. It’s been long overdue and I really need to step on the gas! The CSS was a little daunting so I decided to escape for a while. Funny how I can afford to relax when I’m actually racing against time! LOL Oh well!

I got 3 posts pending for my blog and I can’t seem to find the time to complete them but thankfully, it’s finally Friday!


Philippine Election 2016

photo credit to CNN Philippines

The recent Philippine Election was certainly stressful and toxic. That’s how I felt about it. Just like Sarah of SarWrites has experienced, the internet too has robbed me and Peterson of our sleep. We spent countless hours on Facebook & Twitter reading posts and reports about Mayor Duterte. Yes, we’re proud Dutertards! We even found ourselves smiling and crying (okay, it’s just me!) over videos that showed unyielding support for our good Mayor. Last March 16, 2016 which was Araw ng Dabaw, we found ourselves in a sea of crowd. I’ve always hated politics and haven’t even imagined myself that I would attend a campaign rally. Peterson was very eager too! We were at the venue as early as 3pm. We did not cared if we got pushed, shoved, stood for at least 4 hours with hungry tummies and tired feet (sore backs too!). Why? Why? Because we believe in him. We believe that he can do great things for the Philippines.


Kyler turns 3!


Kyler turns 3 today! Just like that, 3 years had gone by! It just amazes me how much he has changed and will continue to change. He was so tiny when we brought him home, he had to stay for a week at the hospital because of Jaundice. Then at 6 months old, he was diagnose with Kawasaki. We are very blessed that he was able to go through it all. Kyler, our brave little fighter. Now, he’s a ball of sunshine running all around the house leaving a trail of destruction behind! lol