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Oh my, I’m extremely behind with this challenge! Having no internet for 3 days was such a bummer! I ended up working during the weekend to makeup for the work I’ve missed.

Molitong's fwend

This is one of the many nights I went out with my friends back in the days. Nene days pa. We love listening to live music while having a couple beer or margaritas. 🙂 We usually go out during Wednesdays (ladies’ night) and Saturdays.

I’m going to make this entry short.

I haven’t tried illegal drugs or have any plans of trying. Drugs destroy lives. I have a friend from high school who’s now in jail because of drug trafficking and using. I can’t believe how messed up her life has become because of drugs. She has 3 small kids and my heart breaks every time I think about them. A was intelligent, funny and beautiful. She could have done more for her life and for her little ones. It’s downright heartbreaking. So yeah, I am anti-drugs.

My first experience with alcohol was when I was in my 3rd year of college. Yeah, of legal age! It was during our field trip in Cebu when we were allowed to go out on the night before we flew back to Davao. After that, alcohol and I became lovers! lol But we broke up when I got pregnant with Ayne. I haven’t had any alcohol since then. 😉



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