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Kyler turns 3 today! Just like that, 3 years had gone by! It just amazes me how much he has changed and will continue to change. He was so tiny when we brought him home, he had to stay for a week at the hospital because of Jaundice. Then at 6 months old, he was diagnose with Kawasaki. We are very blessed that he was able to go through it all. Kyler, our brave little fighter. Now, he’s a ball of sunshine running all around the house leaving a trail of destruction behind! lol

How do I even begin to start my birthday wishes for you when I have tons.  We had our share of (very) “Terrible Two” which I wished you’d skip that stage all together just like your big brother did but then I wouldn’t trade that for anything else. They say “it’ll get worse when your child turns 3” but whatever! Even big brother Ayne loves you very much even though he thinks you’re a riot! lol You certainly bring so much joy in this family and thank you for choosing me as your mommy. We love you so much little buddy!

Kyler’s Favorites at 3!

Favorite color – blue/red

Favorite animal – cats

Favorite food – pancakes, chocolates (uh-oh!)

Favorite song – The Wheels On The Bus

Favorite TV Show – Peppa Pig

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