Kyler turns 3!


Kyler turns 3 today! Just like that, 3 years had gone by! It just amazes me how much he has changed and will continue to change. He was so tiny when we brought him home, he had to stay for a week at the hospital because of Jaundice. Then at 6 months old, he was diagnose with Kawasaki. We are very blessed that he was able to go through it all. Kyler, our brave little fighter. Now, he’s a ball of sunshine running all around the house leaving a trail of destruction behind! lol


Second Chance


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As I am writing this entry, this blog is still at works. I am marking this day as 3MenandAMomma’s second birth, a second chance to start all over again. A second chance to better my blogging experience. I purchased this domain (along with my hosting) on the 16th of August 2015 after I have finally decided to take blogging a step further. I was very eager and enthusiastic because finally after 10 years, I now have my own domain! Yaaay! Everything’s going to be a whole lot better, or so I thought.  2016 came marching in but the year didn’t start very well for us.