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photo credit to CNN Philippines

The recent Philippine Election was certainly stressful and toxic. That’s how I felt about it. Just like Sarah of SarWrites has experienced, the internet too has robbed me and Peterson of our sleep. We spent countless hours on Facebook & Twitter reading posts and reports about Mayor Duterte. Yes, we’re proud Dutertards! We even found ourselves smiling and crying (okay, it’s just me!) over videos that showed unyielding support for our good Mayor. Last March 16, 2016 which was Araw ng Dabaw, we found ourselves in a sea of crowd. I’ve always hated politics and haven’t even imagined myself that I would attend a campaign rally. Peterson was very eager too! We were at the venue as early as 3pm. We did not cared if we got pushed, shoved, stood for at least 4 hours with hungry tummies and tired feet (sore backs too!). Why? Why? Because we believe in him. We believe that he can do great things for the Philippines.

I have to admit that all the black propaganda that came out against him has really gotten into me. Grabe ka stressful! I’ve been tempted several times to deactivate my FB account but unluckily I cannot since Facebook spells WORK for me! I stopped watching news though.

I felt that the only reliable information I can get is from the social media, through our trusted sources such as Peter Lavina and Manny Pinol who are updating us with what’s truly happening with all the hullabaloo happening this Philippine Election. I cannot take how the networks only talk negative issues regarding Mayor, they never even air so much about Duterte’s campaigns that are always attended with massive crowds. 4 days before the election day, a 20 million worth of anti-Duterte ad came out from the two biggest TV networks of the country, ABS-CBN & GMA. It was the last straw, the use of children on the said ads was downright disgusting and very fowl. This isn’t how politics usually go in the Philippines. This is how dirty politics can get just to bring down one’s opponent. They really want to bring down Mayor Duterte and they are going all out – they are DESPERATE! How pathetic! But no matter how stressful this Philippine election has been, it’s a success! And I couldn’t be more glad that it’s finally over.

The landslide victory of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is overwhelming and now our good Mayor is set to become the Philippines’ 16th president!

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!


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