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I decided to stop by for a while to just type away my thoughts. I’m going to type away whatever my mind would tell me so please excuse my grammatical errors. I’m currently working on a WP blog; one down, another one to go. I just overhauled the design because I’ve always found the design a little dull. To tell you the truth I shouldn’t be worrying on the design, well not for now because I have a more urgent task – landing pages. It’s been long overdue and I really need to step on the gas! The CSS was a little daunting so I decided to escape for a while. Funny how I can afford to relax when I’m actually racing against time! LOL Oh well!

I got 3 posts pending for my blog and I can’t seem to find the time to complete them but thankfully, it’s finally Friday!

Gone for 25 minutes because of the black out. I thought that the rotational blackout’s over. It’s a relief though that it only lasted for 30 minutes. A month ago we went through a dismaying 8-hour blackout every damn day. Yeah, believe me it’s true! Oh how we hated it! But anyways, I better go back to my work now. Need to get everything done so I can continue with my pending blog posts!


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