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As I am writing this entry, this blog is still at works. I am marking this day as 3MenandAMomma’s second birth, a second chance to start all over again. A second chance to better my blogging experience. I purchased this domain (along with my hosting) on the 16th of August 2015 after I have finally decided to take blogging a step further. I was very eager and enthusiastic because finally after 10 years, I now have my own domain! Yaaay! Everything’s going to be a whole lot better, or so I thought.  2016 came marching in but the year didn’t start very well for us.

I’ve had a lot going on with my personal life over the last few months. With that, my blog was neglected and hosting wasn’t paid for 4 months. *facepalm* Just recently, I accessed my Hostgator account to settle my unpaid balance but then I cannot find an invoice. I was pretty sure my account was already suspended since my blog was already down. I temporarily went into a panic mode, I know I can contact customer support because they know very well how to handle my problem but then I ended up cancelling my subscription. Why? Bill (my boss) offered me to host my blog in his account for free – well who am I to refuse (!? lol) and it sounds very convenient as of the moment. So I contacted customer support to bring back my domain up and running and so I got it working again!  Sadly though, I wasn’t able to retrieve the content I had before it went down. 🙁 As of now, I am still working on this blog’s overall design but it may take a few weeks to get everything done knowing that I’m a one busy momma up here! But nevertheless, I’m very much exciting to blog again! 🙂




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