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The First SONA of President Rodrigo Duterte


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Peterson and I have been waiting for the very first SONA of President Rodrigo Duterte. Finally, 25th of July 2016 has come! The much-anticipated event lived up to everyone’s expectations. The speech was supposed to be short & sweet but it lasted for an hour and 35 minutes. Nevertheless, there was never a dull moment! Straight and sincere. I can’t help but noticed that Mr. President looks good with his eyeglasses on! LOL  As Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar has said. “It’s nothing like any of the Sona speeches that we’ve heard before. This one will ask the nation, every citizen to march on and build the country. That’s how it’s like”.


Philippine Election 2016

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The recent Philippine Election was certainly stressful and toxic. That’s how I felt about it. Just like Sarah of SarWrites has experienced, the internet too has robbed me and Peterson of our sleep. We spent countless hours on Facebook & Twitter reading posts and reports about Mayor Duterte. Yes, we’re proud Dutertards! We even found ourselves smiling and crying (okay, it’s just me!) over videos that showed unyielding support for our good Mayor. Last March 16, 2016 which was Araw ng Dabaw, we found ourselves in a sea of crowd. I’ve always hated politics and haven’t even imagined myself that I would attend a campaign rally. Peterson was very eager too! We were at the venue as early as 3pm. We did not cared if we got pushed, shoved, stood for at least 4 hours with hungry tummies and tired feet (sore backs too!). Why? Why? Because we believe in him. We believe that he can do great things for the Philippines.